The Best Podcasts for Learning Danish: A Comprehensive Guide

From Beginner to Advanced:
Find the Perfect Podcast for Your Danish Learning Needs

Hopefully, we have already convinced you that listening to podcasts are a great way of learning Danish. If not, then have a look at why you should listen to podcasts to improve your Danish.

Full disclaimer: We created our own podcast, Simple Danish Podcast for beginner and intermediate learners because we were frustrated that there were no podcasts out there suited for intermediate Danish speakers. We are of course a bit biased in recommending our own content there.

However, we are very happy to see that since we created the Simple Danish Podcast,
other podcasts aimed at Danish learners have also been published.

We are not the first blog to write a list of suggested Danish podcasts to listen to, but it is very clear that a lot of the other lists are written by people who have obviously never tried to learn Danish themselves… and if they have, then they haven’t updated their lists for quite a few years.

Nevertheless, we have tried to put together a list of the best resources we have found for your enjoyment.



Best Danish Podcasts for Beginners

Simple Danish Podcast Logo

Simple Danish Podcast

Simple Danish Podcast is a simple and clearly spoken Danish Podcast to help you learn and improve your Danish pronunciation. It works for learners of both beginner and intermediate levels, as all of the podcast episodes come with full transcriptions and exercises to help you bridge the gap from beginner to intermediate learner.

This is our own podcast, so obviously we are biased, but we think that our podcast is great and I’ll tell you why.

The podcast is produced by two people, Antonina and I (Rasmus).

Antonina has studied linguistics, learned Danish, works in Denmark, and on top of that, she has many years of experience as a language teacher.

I (Rasmus) am a native Danish speaker, and.. well.. that’s pretty much it…

However, this combination lets us create podcast episodes about the exact topics that Antonina struggled with herself. We try to cover what was difficult when learning Danish (and when moving to Denmark in general) and we cover everything that she found interesting or surprising when she was learning Danish herself.

On top of that, her years of experience as a language teacher, teaching 100’s of students, means that she knows what it takes for people to learn new languages. That’s why each of our episodes come with transcripts as well as exercises, because learning a language requires effort.

I am mostly the voice behind the episodes and I have a bit of technical experience when it comes to making websites etc.. Together, we make quite a strong team.

Have a listen here and feel free to reach out at any point if you have questions or comments or suggestions for episodes. 


Simple Danish Podcast Logo

Koen på Isen

Koen på isen is a Danish Podcast about danish idioms. Why do Danes say ‘Tak for kaffe’ when they are not drinking coffee? And what does it mean to ‘tage benene på nakken’? Listen to Koen På Isen and find out!

Best Danish Podcasts for Intermediate Learners

In no particular order, we found two additional podcasts we would recommend for intermediate learners. As mentioned previously Simple Danish Podcast also works for Intermediate Learners, but we would also recommend the following two podcasts.

We put these podcast in the intermediate category because they either 1) don’t have exercises to go a long with the episodes or 2) don’t have transcripts

Simple Danish Podcast Logo

Dansk I Ørerne

A podcast by Sofie Gavinsky. Each episode is short and to the point. She publishes weekly and covers a new topic / tidbit about danish each week. In addition she publishes the transcript to each episode, so we highly recommend this podcast.

Simple Danish Podcast Logo

Learning with Ervin

In his short episodes, Erwin, a Danish language teacher, slowly and clearly narrates his daily activities, holidays and interesting events. In addition, Erwin conducts a conversation in the PD3 format and thereby helps the trainees in preparing for this exam.

Best Danish Podcasts for Advanced Learners

For advanced podcasts, we have chosen podcasts that Danes might also listen to themselves. They can be quite advanced, but consider these a challenge.

Simple Danish Podcast Logo


Deepdives into the top-trending news in Denmark. This podcast is also great for being able to join in on small-talk with friends, colleagues or family.

Simple Danish Podcast Logo


One of the first – if not the first – Danish True Crime podcast. This is great if you are into that.

Simple Danish Podcast Logo

P1 Debat

Not strictly a podcast, but individual debates are available on demand through their website or app. We recommend listening to this if you are trying to improve your argumentation or presentation skills, for example, if you are taking studieprøven or a similar high-level Danish exam.

Simple Danish Podcast Logo

Sara og Monopolet

In each episode, Sara Bro and three celebrity personalities dive deep into dilemmas submitted by listeners of the podcast. There are truly some great stories to be found amongst the episodes. The show was previously known as Mads og Monopolet, but changed names, when Mads Steffensen quit to pursue other opportunities.

And there you have it, folks – our top picks for the best podcasts for Danish learners. Whether you’re just starting out on your language learning journey or you’re an advanced learner looking to brush up on your skills, these podcasts are sure to provide you the help you need to succeed. So grab your headphones, get yourself a cup of coffee, and get ready to tackle the wild and wacky world of Danish. So, here’s to your journey towards fluency – vi ses snart!

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